Did Ajak Die In Eternals Movie?

The group’s commander, Ajak, is the first character to die in Eternals. He seems to have been slain by the Deviants, but his death was engineered by Ikaris, who wished to put an end to her attempts to halt the Emergence.

Similarly, Who killed Ajak?

Instead, a Deviant called Kro was the one who murdered Ajak by taking her abilities. Ikaris’ sole crime was betraying Ajak and placing her in a situation where Kro could easily murder her. Ikaris’ treachery was one of the revelations in Eternals that no one saw coming.

Also, it is asked, How does Ajak die?

Ikaris apologized to Ajak for guiding him down the wrong road, but he had simply pushed Ajak into the Deviants’ path in order for her to die. Ajak tried to defend herself against the Deviants with a shotgun she discovered, but she was assaulted by Kro, who took her life essence and murdered her.

Secondly, Is Ajak permanently dead?

Immortality: As an Eternal, Ajak has the genetic ability to live indefinitely, without succumbing to old age or sickness.

Also, Why was Ajak killed?

Ajak and his companions stayed on Earth for decades before disbanding to resume their lives. She sought Ikaris’ assistance in stopping Tiamut, a Celestial on the verge of destroying the Earth, but Ikaris betrayed her due of his allegiance to Arishem, leaving Ajak to be slaughtered by Deviants.

People also ask, What is Ajak power?

Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Ajak can project bursts of cosmic energy in the form of light, heat, or concussive force from her hands or eyes.

Related Questions and Answers

Who killed Gilgamesh Eternals?

Gilgamesh sacrificed himself in a struggle against the Deviants to defend Thena when the Eternals rejoined. Of course, Gilgamesh wasn’t the only member of the Eternals that died in the movie.

Is Kro dead in Eternals?

Kro sought to halt the Emergence by following the Eternals, but was murdered by Thena after failing to absorb her power.

Is Blade a MCU?

Blade is finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, after a 2019 surprise at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that the day-walking vampire who hunts his own kind would finally have his own Marvel film.

Does Sprite still have her powers?

Sprite, on the other hand, lost her abilities once Sersi converted her into a human. Sprite, like other Eternals, has incredible superhuman strength, many times more than that of a typical human.

Is Arishem evil in Eternals?

As they return to Earth to evaluate human civilisation and the Eternals must make a case for humanity’s survival, Arishem and his fellow Celestials may end up being the genuine villains of the film.

Is Ajak evil Eternals?

He uses an intricate ploy against the Eternals and Deviants, turning Ajak into a physical monster, as part of his nefarious agenda. Damian’s connection with the Eternals deteriorates, and his friendship with Ajak dies a painful death.

Will dead Eternals come back?

A Major Character Will Not Return, According to an Eternals Writer.

Will Ajak and Gilgamesh come back?

Ajak, played by Salma Hayek, and Gilgamesh, played by Don Lee, are unlikely to return in the sequel since their characters died in Eternals.

How is Gilgamesh still alive?

He takes on a corporeal form and believes that now that he has been incarnated into the universe, it is time to reunite the globe under his dominion. He continues to follow Kotomine after the conflict is done, and Kotomine sustains him with energy taken from orphaned children by the fire.

How did Gilgamesh die fate Heaven’s Feel?

Gilgamesh has a minor part in Heaven’s Feel, in which he uses swords from the Gate of Babylon to slash Dark Sakura. He, on the other hand, underestimates her regenerating powers and is consumed by her shadows.

Is Tiamat dead in Eternals?

Tiamut would have been immortal as a Celestial, able to live indefinitely without succumbing to old age or sickness. After combining cosmic energy with Tiamut to become Uni-Mind, the Eternals were able to slay him.

Who is the last guy in Eternals?

Thankfully, it was revealed soon after the theatrical release of Eternals that the scene’s mysterious figure is none other than Mahershala Ali’s Blade, who is expected to appear in his MCU standalone feature somewhere in the coming years.

Who killed Kro?

Film. Bill Skarsgrd voices Kro in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Eternals (2021). He is an adversary of the Eternals and a Deviant general. Kro and the Deviants continue to develop after assassinating Ajak and taking her abilities.

Who is Dane supposed to be in Eternals?

The film Eternals had a star-studded cast and presented a group of extraterrestrial superheroes who had been living on Earth for thousands of years, since the start of human civilization. Dane Whitman first appeared in the MCU as Sersei, one of the Eternals’ lover. Disney image.

Who is Nathaniel Garrett?

Garrett served in the United States Air Force. He was a prosecutor and criminal defense counsel in the Judge Advocate General’s (“JAG”) Corps for four years. From 2014 through 2017, Mr. Garrett served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Colorado, in addition to his JAG duties.

Why is Ajak the leader?

Sersi’s selection as the next Prime Eternal by Ajak demonstrated how capable she was as their leader. She had a good understanding of her team, which helped her make the crucial choice. So, although she died early in the Eternals, her last acts helped Earth survive.

Why did they make Ajak a girl?

To the credit of the production—or maybe for the sake of convenience—the picture of the original character in the source material was transformed to a female one for the film adaptation, enabling Hayek to play the role.

Why is Ajak a girl?

“From a design viewpoint, Ajak did seem like it was very much entrenched in Aztec motifs,” he said. We needed someone from that area to pay honor to it, so when we discussed it, it only made sense to gender switch her.


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