How Many Floors In The Platform Movie?

How Many Floors In The Platform Movie? The film is set in a vertical prison with hundreds of cells, each stacked on top of each other.

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The Platform is a 2019 Spanish science fiction film directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. It stars Iván Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan, Emilio Buale, Alexandra Masangkay and Natalia Mateo. The film is set in a future in which people are confined to vertical cells with only a small platform to use as their communal space and must eat what falls down from the cell above them.

The plot

The plot revolves around two brothers who find themselves stranded on a remote island after their plane crashes. The pair must use their wits and ingenuity to find a way off the island and back to safety. Along the way, they must contend with the dangers of the jungle, including treacherous cliffs, hungry crocodiles, and angry monkeys. With limited resources at their disposal, the brothers must use their ingenuity and resourcefulness to find a way back home.

The characters

The movie Platform is a story about a group of characters who are on a journey to reach the top of a very tall building. The building has many floors, and the characters have to use all their skills and strength to make it to the top. The movie is full of suspense and excitement, and it will keep you guessing until the very end.

The setting

The movie is set on a decommissioned oil platform in the North Sea, which has been turned into aDrillers’ quarters
research facility by the company that owns it. The platform is manned by a small crew of scientists and engineers, who are overseeing a drilling operation that is designed to tap into a new source of clean energy. However, the operation soon goes awry, and the platform is plunged into darkness. The crew must find a way to escape the facility before it is destroyed.


There are many different themes in the movie “The Platform”. One of the main themes is that of survival. The characters must work together in order to survive and make it through the film. Other themes include friendship, trust, and betrayal.

The symbolism

The movie “Platform” is a Chinese film that was released in 2000. The story is about a group of people who are stuck on a platform in a railway station. The platform is symbolic of the different levels of society, and the different floors represent the different classes of people. The movie is a commentary on the class system in China, and how it affects the lives of ordinary people.

The ending

The final scenes of the movie show theplatform crashing down through several floors, landing in a lower level with a thud. It is not clear how many floors the platform fell through before coming to a stop. However, given the size of the platform and the number of people on it, it is likely that it fell at least a few dozen floors before landing.

The reception

The film’s reception was highly positive, with praise for its direction, acting, visuals, and production values.

The legacy

The original Station was built in 1874 and was designed by Edward Wilson. It was originally three stories tall with a fourth being added later. The main floor had a few waiting rooms, a ticket office, and a train shed. The upper floors were residential units for the stationmaster and his family as well as other railroad employees. There were also a few storefronts on the ground floor.

The station was rebuilt in 1901 after a fire destroyed the original structure. The new station was designed by Bradford Gilbert and was eight stories tall with a roof height of 93 feet. The ground floor contained the ticket office, waiting room, and train shed while the upper floors were again used for residential units. There were also commercial spaces on the ground floor that were leased to businesses such as restaurants and shoe stores.

The current station building was constructed in 1963 and is twelve stories tall with a roof height of 125 feet. The ground floor contains the ticket office, waiting room, baggage claim, and train shed while the upper floors contain office space for Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, and other businesses. There is also a hotel on the top floors of the building.

The influence

Yes, the platform in the movie “The Platform” is a symbol for society, but it also has a more literal meaning. The platform is a huge skyscraper with many floors, and each floor represents a different class in society. The lower floors are for the poor and the upper floors are for the rich.

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