How Many Halloween Movies Are There With Michael Myers?

It’s the time of year for spooky movies, and one of the most popular characters is Michael Myers. Here’s a look at how many Halloween movies there are with the unstoppable serial killer.

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How Many Halloween Movies Are There With Michael Myers?

As of 2018, there have been 11 Halloween movies released with Michael Myers as the main antagonist. This includes the original 1978 movie, as well as the 2018 reboot.

Michael Myers in the Halloween Movies

There are a total of eleven movies in the Halloween franchise, with the most recent release in 2018. Michael Myers has appeared in all but two of the movies. In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), he is shot and presumed dead by the end of the film. He makes a brief appearance in a flash back scene in Halloween 5 (1989), but he is not the focus of the movie. Michael Myers’ name is also not mentioned in either film. In every other movie, however, Michael Myers is the central character and the films are named after him (“Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers”, “Halloween: H20”, etc).

The History of Michael Myers

The history of Michael Myers is a long and complicated one. He first appeared in John Carpenter’s 1978 film Halloween as a young boy who, after killing his sister on Halloween night, is sent to a mental institution. There, he remains until he escapes years later, returning to his hometown of Haddonfield to kill again.

Since then, Myers has appeared in nine more Halloween films (not counting the 2018 reboot), as well as countless comic books and novels. He’s become one of the most iconic slasher movie villains of all time, and his reputation shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

So how many Halloween movies are there with Michael Myers? As of 2018, there are a total of 11.

Michael Myers’ Victims

Michael Myers is the central antagonist in the Halloween movie franchise. He first appears in John Carpenter’s 1978 film Halloween as a young boy who murders his older sister, Judith Myers. Fifteen years later, he returns home to kill more teenagers. In the original film, he is portrayed by Nick Castle for most of the film and by Tony Moran for his unmasked scene. In the sequel, Halloween II (1981), he is revealed to be Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) older brother, and is once again portrayed by Castle in new footage, while Dick Warlock plays him in a mask for a briefer appearance. Moran also returns in new footage as Michael without his mask on.

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Michael has spent ten years in a coma after being shot by Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence). He awakens and returns home to Haddonfield to kill his niece Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris). Michael reappears in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989), which takes place the year after the events of Halloween 4. In this installment, Michael tracks down Jamie to a psychiatric facility, where he also kills herstepmother Rachel Carruthers (Ellie Cornell) and attempts to kill Jamie again. Jamie is saved by Dr. Loomis, who shoots Myers off a balcony before he can reach her; however, Michael falls into a coma himself from the fall and is presumed dead.

Michael returns once again in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995), which disregards the events of the previous two sequels. Set six years after Halloween 5, Michael has been captured by a mysterious cult who refer to him as “The Shape.” It is revealed that Judith’s boyfriend Tommy Doyle (Paul Rudd) had been caring for Jamie after she was committed following Rachel’s death, but Jamie disappears on the night of October 31st. Tommy enlists Kara Strode (Marianne Hagan), Rachel’s daughter and Laurie’s niece, to help him find Jamie before Michael does. It is hinted that Michael may have supernatural abilities, as he seemingly cannot be killed and often seems to anticipate his victims’ movements; these abilities are fully explored in later installments.

In Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998), set twenty years after the events of the first film, Laurie Strode fake her own death in order to live a normal life under an assumed name; she raises her son John Tate (Josh Hartnett) with her boyfriend Will Brennan (Adam Arkin). However, she lives in fear that Michael will one day find them again; these fears are realized whenMichael tracks them down and goes on a killing spree at their high school reunion before finally being killed by Laurie herself.

Halloween: Resurrection (2002) features Busta Rhymes as Freddie Harris, owner of an Internet reality show who invites several young people to spend Halloween night in Laurie Strode’s childhood home—unaware that she secretly still lives there and has prepared extensive security measures against intruders should her long-lost brother ever return. When Freddie’s group arrives at Laurie’s house on October 30th 2002 – one day before the 23rd anniversary of Michael’s original killing spree – they find only Laurie and Ben Tramer (Brendan Foley), a delivery truck driver who had stopped at the house earlier that evening only to be captured by Laurie; she had planned to use him as bait for her brother should he ever show up.
When Freddie’s group venture into the basement they find several mannequins wearing masks of past victims including Lynda Van Der Klok (PJ Soles), Annie Brackett (), Bob Simms (), Marion Chambers (), Lonnie Elamyn (), Nancy Loomis (). Freddie then falls through a trap door into what appears to be Michael’s metal-lined secret lair where it is revealed that “Laurie Strode” was actually Katherine Kane-Miller (), an impostor sent by Dangoor Enterprises () – owners of McBride Mental Hospital where “Michael Myers” was supposedly incarcerated – whose purpose was specifically to draw out and capture “The Shape” for study so that Dangoor could profit from any findings regarding his supernatural abilities; unbeknownst to Katherine or Dangoor however was that “Michael” had already escaped McBride some time ago and had been stalking Katherine ever since disguised as various people including Ben Tramer whom he brutally killed earlier that evening when Tramer discovered his true identity . After failing repeatedly throughout most of Resurrection’s runtime thus farto capture “The Shape”, Katherine finally succeeds when she mortally wounds him with multiple gunshots before unmasking him – only to discover much too late that “Laurie” never existed at all and that “The Shape” was actually Ben Tramer wearing one of her spare masks .

Michael Myers’ Motives

It is difficult to understand Michael Myers’ motives. He first appears in the 1978 John Carpenter classic “Halloween” as a six-year-old boy who kills his older sister. For the next fifteen years, he is institutionalized until he escapes on the night before Halloween. He returns to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois where he stalks and kills several more people. However, he is ultimately thwarted by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), the teenaged sister of his first victim.

Michael Myers’ Weapons

Weapons used by Michael Myers in the Halloween series:

Michael Myers’ Appearances

Michael Myers has been in 11 Halloween movies including the original 1978 movie, “Halloween”. He was also in the 1981 sequel, “Halloween II”, which picks up immediately after the first movie ends. In “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers”, he returns to stalking his niece, Laurie Strode. Laurie had changed her name and moved away, hoping to start a new life and escape her murderous uncle.

“Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers” follows Michael as he is committed to a mental institution. While being transferred, he escapes and goes on a killing spree to find his now teenage niece. In “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers”, we learn that Michael is part of a Druidic cult and that he may be cursed.

The cult believes that if they sacrifice Laurie’s baby on All Hallows Eve, the curse will be broken and they can control Michael. Of course, things don’t go as planned. In “Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later”, we find out that Laurie is alive and well and has been in hiding for the past 20 years. She is using an assumed name and working as the headmistress of a boarding school.

When she learns that Michael has found her again, she takes matters into her own hands to protect herself and her son John (who was only a baby in “H Halloween 4”). John Carpenter, the director of the original “Halloween” movie, was not involved in any of the sequels except for “H20”.

After “H20”, there was another sequel titled “Halloween: Resurrection” in which Michael Myers terrorizes some unsuspecting reality TV show contestants who are locked inside his childhood home overnight. And most recently, there was a reboot of the franchise simply titled “Halloween” which came out in 2018.

Michael Myers is a fictional character from the Halloween franchise. He first appears in John Carpenter’s 1978 film Halloween as a young boy who murders his older sister, Judith Myers. Fifteen years later, he returns home to Haddonfield to kill more people. In the original film, he is portrayed by Nick Castle for most of the film, with Tony Moran and Tommy Lee Wallace alternately portraying him as a child and teenager. In subsequent films, he is portrayed by George P. Wilbur, Dick Warlock, TJ Robinson, Brad Loree, Tyler Mane, and Daeg Faerch (as a child).

The character was created by Carpenter and Debra Hill, with inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Michael Myers has appeared in ten films, within the Halloween franchise. He appears in all three of the expanded universe Halloween comic books published by DC Comics, as well as in several novels and one children’s book. He has also been featured in merchandise such as action figures and trading cards.

Carpenter has said that Michael Myers is “the force of evil personified” within the franchise.

Michael Myers’ Legacy

Since the release of John Carpenter’s original “Halloween” movie in 1978, Michael Myers has become one of the most iconic movie monsters of all time. He has appeared in 11 movies in the “Halloween” franchise, with the latest installment set to be released in October 2018. In addition to the main “Halloween” movies, there have also been two spin-off films, “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers” (1988) and “Halloween: Resurrection” (2002). Combined, that makes for a total of 13 movies featuring Michael Myers.

Michael Myers’ Future

There are currently nine Halloween movies with Michael Myers as the antagonist. The first movie in the series was released in 1978, with the most recent one being released in 2018. It is possible that there will be more movies in the future, as the series is still popular.

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