How Old Was Sam Elliott In The Movie Roadhouse?

Do you love the movie Roadhouse? If so, you’re probably wondering how old Sam Elliott was when he starred in it.

Well, we’ve got the answer for you! Sam Elliott was 46 years old when Roadhouse was released in 1989.

That means he was born in 1943, making him 75 years old today.

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Sam Elliott was born in 1944, making him 26 years old during the filming of Roadhouse.

Early life and education

Samuel Pack “Sam” Elliott (born August 9, 1944) is an American actor. His films have included The Legacy (1978), The Quick and the Dead (1995), Tombstone (1993), dictated by his weathered voice, laconic drawl, and thick mustache.

Elliott was born in Sacramento, California, to a secretary mother and auto mechanic father. His parents separated when he was a teenager, and Elliott moved to Portland, Oregon with his mother. He attended David Douglas High School in Portland, where he played football and competed in track and field; he also became interested in acting while taking drama classes.


Sam Elliott began his career in the early 1960s with a series of minor roles in films and television. He made his breakthrough in 1973 with the film The Way We Were, starring Barbra Streisand. Elliott went on to star in a number of hit movies throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including Roadhouse (1984), Mask (1985), and Tombstone (1993). He has also had a successful career as a voice actor, lending his distinctive voice to such films as The Pixar Story (2006) and Up (2009).

The role in Roadhouse

Even though Sam Elliott is now in his 70s, he was only in his early 40s when he played the role of Dalton in Roadhouse. The movie was released in 1989, which means that Sam Elliott was born in 1944.

For the role, Sam Elliott had to do a lot of research to play the part of a bouncer at a bar. He talked to many people who worked as bouncers and studied how they handled themselves in fights. He also had to learn how to handle knives and other weapons.

Elliott’s personal life

Elliott was born in 1944 in Sac City, Iowa, the son of a telephone company clerk and a beautician. He grew up in Toledo, Ohio, where he attended Maumee Valley Country Day School. Elliott then studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California. He has been married to Katherine Ross since 1984; the couple have a daughter, Cleo Rose Elliott (born 1984), and a son, Frank “Roscoe” Elliott (born 1987).

Awards and nominations

He won a Bronze Wrangler in 1980 for The Quick and the Dead. In 2004, he was awarded the Distinguished Conservation Service Award by the National Dog Breeders Association. In 2014, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture by the Golden Globes for his role in Road House.


In the cult classic movie Road House, Sam Elliott played the hired enforcer with a hidden past. Elliott brought a believable mix of charm and brute force to his character, making him an instant cult favorite. But how old was Sam Elliott in Road House?

At the time of filming, Sam Elliott was 37 years old. This made him the perfect age to play the hired enforcer with a hidden past. With his rugged good looks and authoritative presence, Sam Elliott was able to convey the dangerous side of his character while still maintaining a sense of charisma and mystery.

Although Road House is considered a cult classic today, it was not a box office success when it was first released. In fact, it was panned by critics and only managed to make back half of its budget. However, over time, word-of-mouth advertising and home video releases helped to turn Road House into a cult classic. And part of the reason for its enduring popularity is due to Sam Elliott’s impressive performance.


“The first time I ever went to a bar, I was about 15 years old. Me and my buddies rode our horses into town, hitched ’em up and went in.” – Sam Elliott

“If you think about it, the life of a soldier is not all that different from the life of a bouncer. You’re standing around waiting for something to happen, and when it does, you have to be ready to deal with it.” – Sam Elliott


Sam Elliott’s filmography includes The Hero (2017), I’ll See You in My Dreams (2015), Road House (1989), Tombstone (1993), and The Big Lebowski (1998).

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