What Is The Best Kid Movie Ever?

Similarly, What is the number one kids movie of all time?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) (Snow White and the (1937) Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the highest-grossing children’s film of all time.

Also, it is asked, What is the best kids movie of the year?

Children’s and Family Films with the Best Reviews Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (#1) for 2020. Number one is 89 percent. Number two is safety. 80 percent #2. #3. Ivan, the One and Only We Can Be Heroes (71%) and We Can Be Heroes (71%) respectively. #5. Sonic the Hedgehog, with a score of 74%. #5. #6. Godmothered: 63 percent Flora and Ulysses are ranked #6 and #7, respectively, with 68 percent of the vote. #7. #8. Stargirl, 73 percent. #8 with 68 percent.

Secondly, Is the movie it appropriate for a 12 year old?

Excellent film, but not suitable for children under the age of thirteen. It is very graphic and includes adult language.

Also, Can a 5 year old watch PG-13 movies?

The PG-13 rating indicates that the film is appropriate for children over the age of thirteen, according to the Motion Picture Association. However, due to the profanity, violence, nudity, and other adult material, it may not be suitable for youngsters under the age of thirteen.

People also ask, What movie should my kid watch?

Before they become 12 years old, every child should see the following 50 films. Charlotte’s Web is a story about a girl named Charlotte who (2006) 5+ years old A charming retelling of a renowned children’s book. Finding Nemo is a film about a boy named Nemo who 5+ years old Frozen. Lilo and Stitch are suitable for children aged 5 and above. 5+ years old Totoro, My Neighbor 5+ years old Shaun the Sheep is a film about a sheep named Shaun. 5+ years old Toy Story is a film that tells the story of (1995) WALL-E is suitable for children aged 5 and above. 5+ years old

Related Questions and Answers

What is a good movie for a 7 year old?

“The Willoughbys” is a television series based on the Willoughby family. With lots of comedy, adventure, and family-friendly enjoyment, this is one of the finest movies for 7 to 9 year olds.

What movies can 12 year olds watch on Netflix?

Netflix’s 30 Best Movies for Kids The Adam Project is a group of people that are working on a Annie. 10 1/2.* Apollo The Cat in the Hat is a story about a cat that lives in a Enola Holmes is a fictional character. Hook. A Christmas Journey with Jingle Jangle. Klaus.

At what age can a child watch a movie?

Many children watch their first movie around the age of three or four, but other parents choose to wait until their children are older, particularly if they are sensitive to loud sounds or are afraid of the dark. Select the appropriate film.

Will there be a frozen 3?

In a 2019 interview with Digital Spy about Frozen 2, writer Jennifer Lee also discussed the possibility of Frozen 3, noting that although there are no present plans for another film centered in Arendelle, the kingdom might always be revisited in the future.

Is Pennywise OK for children?

The film It has a R classification, therefore it’s ideal if the theater is full with adults rather than children for this picture.

How old is Pennywise?

Clowns have been traced back to Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty, but the contemporary circus clown emerged in the nineteenth century, therefore Pennywise was roughly 200 years old by the time King’s book was set (the first half of it).

How old is rated R?

What does 12A mean in movies?

Anyone above the age of 12 may view the film without an accompanying adult. The A stands for ‘advisory’ and ‘attended.’ Children under the age of 12 are permitted to attend the film if accompanied by an adult (i.e., someone over the age of 18), who must also watch the film with them.

Is Frozen OK for a 2 year old?

Frozen is a Disney animated musical adventure that is appropriate for most youngsters over the age of five. The film is entertaining from beginning to end, but there are some terrifying events and people in it that may be upsetting to younger audiences. It is not suitable for youngsters under the age of five.

What kids movies are not scary?

‘The Peanuts Movie’ (1956) ‘The Red Balloon’ (1956) (2015) ‘The Gruffalo’ is a children’s book (2010) ‘Totoro, My Neighbor’ (1988) ‘Cars’ is a film about automobiles (2006) ‘Winnie the Pooh’s Many Adventures’ (1977) ‘The Snowman’ (2015) ‘Thomas & Friends: The Adventure Begins’ (2014).

Can a 2 year old watch a movie?

Toddlers With a parent or caregiver, children aged 18 to 24 months may begin to enjoy some screen time. When an adult is there to reinforce teachings, children of this age may learn. By the age of two or three, children may watch up to one hour of high-quality instructional television every day.

What cuss words are in Home Alone?

‘You little jerk,’ ‘crap,”shut up,’ ‘ass,’ ‘You’re such a sickness,’ ‘You’re a vomit,’ ‘dummy,’ ‘family stinks,’ ‘you filthy beast,’ ‘you little creep,”morons,’ and huge horse arse’ are among the insults in this film.

Why is my girl PG-13?

The language is usual PG, with one or two s-words, one GD, and a few of hells and damns thrown in for good measure. Nothing too strenuous. Jamie Lee Curtis’ character works as a makeup artist at Dan Aykroyd’s funeral parlour, and Aykroyd claims she dressed up a corpse to seem like a “$2 hooker” at one point. However, it is spoken for the sake of amusement.

Is the purge ok for 11 year olds?

It’s a terrific film, but it’s not for tweens.

What Disney movie is appropriate for a 2 year old?

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory are two Disney/Pixar films that have become instant classics among children (and parents). The animations are lovely, and they follow storylines that educate children not just about the value of family and friends, but also about the challenges that life might throw at them.

What age watch PG movies?

A youngster of eight or older should not be disturbed by a PG film. Unaccompanied children of any age are permitted to see, although parents should assess if the material would disturb younger or more sensitive youngsters.

What is the lowest rated Disney movie?

Disney’s 10 Worst Films (According To Rotten Tomatoes) 1 Disney’s Worst Animated Film Is The Jungle Book 2 – 18% 2 Planes Is An Inexplicably Theatrical Release Of A Direct-To-DVD Film – 25% 3 Doug’s First Film Isn’t As Entertaining As Its Show – 26% 4 Chicken Little Isn’t As Ingenious As It Thinks It Is – 36%

What is the oldest movie that you can still watch?

The Roundhay Garden Scene is the world’s oldest surviving film. Louis Le Prince, a French inventor, developed a short silent film in 1888.

What is the #1 rated Disney movie?

1. The Lion King (8.5): The animal kingdom-centered coming-of-age drama has received more votes than any other Disney film, with nearly 728,000. It also has the highest rating, making it the undisputed champion among Disney films.

Is Aladdin appropriate for 4 year old?

This is a fantastic film for people of all ages.

Is Goonies OK for a 5 year old?

As a huge admirer of the film, I must acknowledge that there are some strong scenes in it that may not be suitable for certain youngsters (ages 5 through 7). The Goonies depicts a group of individuals who are striving to save their family from being evicted from their houses by an evil business.


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